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Your Information System needs the best design!
Without a robust, initial design, an information system soon evolves into an unordered collection of loosely-related processes:
  • Improvements become more and more complex and costly to implement
  • Coherence and reliability cannot easily be attained
  • Worse, reengineering costs get out of control
Polin Consulting, your Information System designer
Polin Consulting is dedicated to assisting you in defining and implementing the right information system design as early as possible in the process, thus granting your company a competitive advantage through:
  • More effective processes
  • Improved efficiency of daily operations
  • The ability to grow with fewer technological constraints
Polin Consulting's methodology derives from a strong expertise, based on over 25 years of design and/or implementation of critical information systems for major companies such as Peregrine Systems, EDS, Alcatel, etc.

To discover how we can help you to attain more value from your information systems, ask for our Strategic Design Architecture roadmap now!
Functional expertise Industries Some of our clients:
IT Infrastructure Management
Service Management
Supply Chain Management
Production Management
System Integration
Executive Information Systems
IT Management
Real Estate
Electronic Data Systems (USA)
Qualcomm (USA)
Credit Suisse (Switzerland)
Nestlé (Switzerland)
Aramco (Saudi Arabia)
Electricité de France (France)

Polin Consulting is a proud technology partner of AgendiZe and Neolane.

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